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John Doe, on FOX
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This guy (played by Dominic Purcell) wakes up on some island with no memories of who he is or anything (which is why he calls himself John Doe, of course), but he knows all the facts in the world. I mean like, anything you could possibly look up... he doesn't have to. Which means he can also do things like fly planes, speak any language, do martial arts, and so forth. As the need arises. Also he has some weird symbol on his skin like a birthmark or something. And he sees in black and white. Of course, he makes plenty of money doing various things like gambling, playing the stock market, etc.

Anyway, he starts hanging out at a bar run by a guy named Digger, who has a mysterious background. They become friends. And when a waitress who works there named Karen Kawalski (Sprague Grayden) gets fired, she becomes John's assistant. Doe desperately wants to find out who he is and stuff, but meanwhile, he helps the cops solve cases. Mainly he works with a detective named Frank Hayes, and his boss, Lt. Jamie Avery (Jayne Brook). We may occasionally see a few other people who work for the police, but the only one I really remember is Stella (Rekha Sharma), who's like... a computer expert or whatever, I dunno. Anyway, occasionally Doe gets clues about his past, and it seems to evolve a mysterious organization called the Phoenix Group, who are interested in Doe, always up to bad stuff, and always one step ahead of Doe. The NSA are also interested in the group. Not sure what else to say right now....

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