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Emergence, on ABC
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When I've seen more of this series, I might move my review to another category, most likely "science fiction," or I might leave it here, in "mysterious shows." This is where I think it fits best, for now.

It starts with a plane crashing in Peconic Bay, near the town of Southold, on Long Island. While investigating the scene, police chief Jo Evans (Allison Tolman) finds a young girl (she appears to be about 10) who seems to be the only survivor of the crash. The girl has no memories of who she is, so Jo takes her home for the time being, and gives her the name "Piper." Jo is amicably divorced from a a civil engineer named Alex Evans (Donald Faison), and they share custody of a teenage girl named Mia, who quickly befriends Piper, seeing her as a little sister. Also living with Jo is her father, Ed Sawyer (Clancy Brown), a retired firefighter who had cancer, but it was in remission at the start of the series. Jo also soon meets an investigative journalist named Benny Gallagher, who at first she wants nothing to do with, but over time they begin working together to uncover the truth about the mysteries surrounding Piper. For now I don't want to spoil any of what they learn about her, but I will say it involves a tech company called Augur Industries, which is run by Richard Kindred (Terry O'Quinn), who becomes a major problem for them. Jo and Benny receive help in their investigations from various people, including a young police officer in Jo's department named Chris Minetto, though it's some time before they tell him (or anyone) the shocking truth about Piper. They also get some help from an employee of Augur Industries named Emily, who is the one that revealed Piper's true nature to them.

Anyway, I find the show reasonably interesting, and I look forward to learning more about what's going on. I also want to say I like most of the characters. (Chris is probably my favorite, even though so far his role has been minimal compared to the others.) And I suppose I'll have more to say eventually. Edit: I never got around to adding more about the first season, and I don't know if I really want to spoil anything, anyway. I might have done if the series was renewed, but unfortunately it was cancelled after one season.

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