mysterious shows

This is a bit tricky. Originally I included anything with over-arching mysteries, I mean season-long things or even series-long things. But alot of shows I had on my old "mysterious" pages, I later moved to other categories, such as legal dramas, drama & dramedy, supernatural & paranormal, and science fiction. There were even things from other categories that I moved to weird shows. I was thinking in my new format, I would just completely abandon the "mysterious" category, but I've since changed my mind. So some things I'll be moving back here from other categories, and some things I'll be moving here for the first time.

I'm not entirely sure what exactly constitutes "mysterious," however. It's not just mysteries, per se... it's often going to involve supernatural stuff, or sci-fi, or fantasy, or other weirdness. In fact alot of stuff here might be better off in such categories, it's hard to say. But there will be... mysteries that are outside the ordinary, anyway. Things that take awhile to figure out, or things that never really get fully explained, or even things that are mostly understood right away, but which... I dunno, whatever. There'll always be more to learn, I suppose. *shrug* See, it really is a complicated category, I don't know what else to say.