Muppet shows, specials & TV movies

Um, yeah, not alot to say about this, except that it could include live-action as well as animated series. And movies and specials. Whatever. But the Muppets are generally pretty awesome, so I thought I'd give them their own page. Of course, there are no doubt other shows that use Muppets, or at least creatures created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop. For example, Farscape springs to mind.

I've also decided to separate the list in the frame at the left into "The Muppets" (for shows featuring the characters most commonly known by that name, i.e., the ones from The Muppet Show), and "Other" (for any shows either primarily or entirely featuring characters who weren't on that show).

See also Muppet movies and the webseries Muppets Now and The Muppets Mayhem

background image semi-ganked from The Muppets on DVD (I um... took a small part of the whole to make this bg).