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The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space
IMDb; Wikipedia

This TV movie came out in 1995. Most of the sources I've seen online (including the links above) say it aired December 1, but don't say on what network. I feel like I probably watched it on FOX, but I'm really not sure. However, I've found other sources that say it aired August 26, on Starz!, though I definitely couldn't have seen it there. So, maybe what I saw was a rerun. In any event, it was pretty campy and ridiculous, but I remember liking it. I just wish I remembered it in more detail. For now, here's what I can tell you:

There's this 1950s TV show called "Captain Zoom," and the actor who plays the title character on the show is mistaken by aliens for a real space adventurer hero, so they transport them to their planet to help them overthrow the evil Lord Vox. (The premise may remind you of Galaxy Quest, but that came out like four years after this.) Anyway, it was funny. And I liked the cast, which included Ron Perlman (Vox), as well as Nichelle Nichols (from Star Trek), and Liz Vassey. And I'd really like to see it again someday, and write up a proper review.

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