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The Day After, on ABC
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Well, at some point I had read some article about this, or something, which said it was pretty good. It first aired in 1983, and I was too young at the time to have watched it then. But, finally I happened to catch it (in 2006) on the Sci-Fi Channel. Not sure I'd call this science fiction, considering the events were entirely possible, and not even particularly improbable at the time. (Not that SFC cares much about their programming being sci-fi, these days.) Although at the end of the movie there's a little disclaimer saying in the event of an actual nuclear war, things would probably be much worse than the movie depicted. Which I don't doubt. Anyway, the movie is about what happens in a rural area in Kansas when nuclear missiles strike. I don't really know what else to say. I'm sure it was a very important movie at the time, but I found it rather boring, didn't really care much for the writing or acting. And I tend to be struck by how primitive things seem to me now, when I watch stuff set in the early 80s. But whatever, I guess I'm glad to have seen it. Even if I haven't been seriously worried about nuclear war for a couple of decades now. Maybe if I had seen it when it first aired (and if I'd been old enough to fully appreciate it), I would have found it more gripping, and memorable.

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