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Tiny Christmas, on Nickelodeon
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This aired in 2017, but I didn't see it until 2019, on Hulu. It's pretty redonkulous, but kind of fun, if you're into that kind of thing. I even thought some of the humor was genuinely funny. And the story is ultimately rather sweet.

So anyway, there's a recently widowed man (at least I assume he's a widower; I don't think it was ever explicitly stated that his wife died, but the way he and his teenage daughter, Emma, talked about her sounded more like she was dead than divorced). The two of them have recently moved to a new town, and Emma really isn't feeling much like celebrating Christmas without her mom. So her dad invites some distant relatives who they've never met, but live closer to their new home than any of the relatives they know, to join them for Christmas. However, the adult relatives are going to a monster truck show, so on Christmas Eve, they drop off their own teenage daughter, Barkley, to spend the holiday with Emma and her dad. Barkley is rather weird, but also very enthusiastic about getting to know Emma (her fourth cousin, thrice removed) and become friends. But Emma basically just finds her eccentricities annoying.

Meanwhile, at the North Pole, there's a tech elf named Elfonso, who has invented a pair of goggles that can shrink and unshrink presents, to make it easier to fit them all in Santa's sleigh. (Well, a sleigh, anyway. The one Elfonso was going to deliver presents in was crewed by a few elves, led by Commander Chill. We never actually see Santa in the movie, so I assume there are actually lots of sleighs delivering presents all around the world, mostly crewed by elves.) Elfonso is really nervous, since he's never done any "field work" before, and has had no training for that kind of thing. Also, his new goggles have, for some reason, more functions than just shrinking and unshrinking, and he hasn't completely gotten then hang of using them, yet. Anyway, when he arrives at Emma's house, he accidentally shrinks her and Barkley, and also loses his goggles, before being discovered by Emma's dad and chased away.

So, Emma and Barkley spend most of the movie having a Christmas-themed, "Honey I Shrunk the Kids"-style adventure, after getting stuck in Elfonso's sack of presents and, unbeknownst to him, dropped off in the house across the street. The lady who lives there, Mrs. Findlay, has fallen asleep in her chair, waiting for her son and grandkids to arrive for Christmas, but she eventually learns that their flight has been delayed because of a snowstorm. Meanwhile, her cat, Tinselpaws, takes a menacing interest in tiny Emma and Barkley. And while the kids try to avoid the cat and get Findlay's attention (and do some bonding), Elfonso is looking everywhere for them... in the wrong house.

Beyond that, I don't want to spoil any details. But of course everything turns out for the best, for everyone, and there's a happy Christmas. While I wouldn't call it a particularly good movie, I definitely think it's the sort of thing that could put you in the holiday spirit.

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