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Escape From Sobibor, on ITV (UK) / CBS (USA)
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This first aired in 1987. I'm sure I watched it at the time, and I'm sure I liked it. Quite a few years later, I got it on DVD and watched it again.

Sobibor was a Nazi death camp during World War II. A number of prisoners, the main one being Leon Feldhendler (played by Alan Arkin), were planning an escape for ten to twenty people. However, one day two prisoners escaped, and 13 more followed their example, but were recaptured and killed. Those 13 were forced to each select one other prisoner to be killed with them, or else a Nazi officer would have chosen 50. So Leon and the others realized they'd have to rethink their own plans: all 600 prisoners must escape, or none at all.

The development of their new plan was aided by a Russian soldier named Sasha (Rutger Hauer), who, along with a group of his men, were brought to Sobibor as prisoners some time after this incident. A few of the other prisoners involved in the plan included a teenaged boy named Shlomo, a woman named Luka, and a man named Itzhak. There were others, though I'm afraid I never really got to know or remember them... I don't really want to give away anything about the plan, so I'm not sure what else to say. But it's really an incredible movie with a great cast, and it tells a very moving and important story. I highly recommend you check it out if you get a chance.

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