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Skyrunners, on Disney XD
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Caution: potential spoilers.

Okay, there are these two teenage brothers, Nick and Tyler Burns. Nick is a senior, and Tyler a freshman. (Nick's played by Kelly Blatz, the star of Aaron Stone.) One night, a UFO crashes right in front of them. Tyler wants to report it, but Nick decides they should keep it for themselves. So they take it home. And soon, Tyler ends up getting inside it, and it takes him for a ride into space, very briefly. He wakes up the next morning having grown a few inches, as well as getting a bit of facial hair. Later, in gym class, some senior bullies are harassing freshman with dodge balls, but Tyler fights back when he discovers he has some Matrix-y powers. Later still, he finds he can read minds, as well.

But I should mention a bit more about their lives. Nick is a goofball, who may not graduate, because he hasn't turned in a science project. He also wants to date this girl named Julie "Smokin'" Gunn. But she's wavering between him and her ex-boyfriend, Daryll Butler (the leader of the aforementioned bullies). Meanwhile, Tyler is supposed to be in a school play (something about pirates). One of his costars is a girl named Katie Wallace. She and Tyler clearly like each other, though neither of them seems to be as forward about pursuing each other as Nick is about Julie. I should also mention Tyler was a straight-A student, and kind of straightlaced, but it's been weird for him having to deal with the changes in his life. And it doesn't help that his brother doesn't believe him about some of the stuff the UFO has shown him. Or whatever. (That was kind of weird, I mean... Nick knew about the UFO, and rode in it himself, had seen it turn invisible, etc., so he shouldn't have had any disbelief left to require suspending.)

Meanwhile, there's this shadowy NSA agent named Armstrong who knows the kids have the UFO, but can't prove it. Still, he keeps hounding them, and eventually gets Tyler to trust him. (Tyler learns from him that people who have been affected the way he has are called Skyrunners.) But um, there's also an alien who eventually chases Tyler, and captures him. And Nick has to come to his rescue. And there's this whole thing about aliens screwing up the environment, to make the planet uninhabitable by human beings. But I think I've said enough about the plot. Oh, I suppose I should also mention their dad died at some point in the past, so their mother has been raising them alone for awhile. And while the brothers are fairly different, they still seem pretty close. But there's really not enough time in the movie to go into all the potential history and subtext... I still got the feeling that there was a history there which had shaped the boys. I guess.

Anyway, in a lot of ways the story was just ridiculous and unbelievable, though also predictable, but it was also fairly fun and amusing, and interesting enough. And the end seems to leave open the possibility of a sequel, which I think could be cool. And I guess that's all I can tell you....

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