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Red: Werewolf Hunter, on Syfy
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I'll be honest, the only reason I watched this movie was because it stars Felicia Day. She plays a woman named Virginia, who is apparently some kind of federal agent (FBI or something, I forget whether it was even specified). But that's not important. The important thing is, she's engaged to a fellow agent named Nathan. She takes him home to meet her family (including her grandmother, and her two brothers, Marcus and Jake), who live in the middle of nowhere. They call Virginia "Red," an honorary title which is passed down to the first born girl of each generation; I read online that they are descendants of Little Red Riding Hood, though I don't recall ever hearing anyone in the movie actually saying any such thing. Still, the movie does start and end with a woman reading that story to a little girl. Anyway, Nathan soon learns that Virginia's family are werewolf hunters. Of course he has trouble accepting this at first, but later he's attacked by a werewolf, himself. When Virginia finds him, it seems as if he hasn't been bitten, which is good, because if he had been, he'd turn into a werewolf himself, and she'd have to kill him.

The real problem facing everyone now, though, is that the werewolf who'd attacked Nathan, whose name is Gabriel, can transform at will, any time he wants; he doesn't have to wait for a full moon. And he's teaching the local clan of werewolves to do the same. There had been a truce between the clan and the hunters, but now that Gabriel's leading them, the werewolves are breaking the truce, so the hunters have to try to kill them all. And after a while, they learn that Nathan was bitten, after all. So, they'll have to kill Gabriel before Nathan can kill his first human (which would make his conversion permanent). If they can kill Gabriel, Nathan's condition would be reversed. There is some disagreement within the family about whether they should even let Nathan live, but of course Virginia wants him to live. There's also a bit of backstory about how her grandmother had reversed her own husband's conversion into a werewolf, long ago.

Well, I don't really want to say any more about the plot, or how it ends. But it's definitely a dark story. And it's not as bad as it could have been, to be sure. Still... I suppose I can't say there's much reason to watch it other than being a Felicia Day fan....

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