I don't remember this well enough to rate it, but I'm guessing meh and a half.

Re-animated, on Cartoon Network
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Well, I was expecting this to be pretty dumb, and I guess it was. But it was still entertaining, because it was just so weird and ridiculous and whatnot. Just totally over-the-top. Anyway, it's about this 7th grader named Jimmy Roberts, whose mom is an astronaut, and his dad is like principal of his middle school, despite being pretty dumb and childish or whatever. And also he has a green older sister named Yancy, who's actually an adopted alien that his mom found on one of her space missions. Jimmy's best friend is Craig Yoshida, who only really seems interested in himself, and doesn't have any friends other than Jimmy. Of course, Jimmy gets taken advantage of by pretty much everybody, because he never says no to anyone. Also, he has a crush on Craig's sister Robin, who's in 8th grade.

One day the 7th grade class goes on a field trip to Golly World, a theme park dedicated to the characters of Milt Appleday, a Walt Disney-like cartoonist who died 30 years ago. And ever since then, his son, Sonny, has been searching for Milt's brain, which was frozen. Supposedly that brain-freezing thing was just an urban legend, but it's actually true. And when Jimmy gets injured at the park, he needs a brain transplant, and they give him Milt's brain. So Sonny rents a room with Jimmy's family to keep tabs on the kid while he works on his diabolical schemes to steal his brain. Oh, Sonny is the most over-the-top character in this whole over-the-top movie. He's like this totally old-school cartoonish villain, the kind of guy who would literally tie a damsel to the train tracks. He's also totally nuts and constantly talking to himself, or at least to his pet... bag of money, Mittens. And laughing in a campy-diabolical way. Though Yancy always tells him to shut up.

Meanwhile, since he got Milt's brain, Jimmy can see the cartoon characters created by the late cartoonist, and also the board of Appleday Pictures makes him president of the studio, which had been Sonny's job. Jimmy gets popular with the kids at school, especially Robin, who's a major Appleday fan. But the cartoon characters want him to make new cartoons starring them, especially Golly Gopher (voiced by Paul Reubens), who wants to become a star again, since he hasn't been in any cartoons in such a long time. Other characters include Golly's girlfriend, Dolly, and an alligator named Crocco (no, he's not a crocodile, okay?), a penguin named Tux who's always telling lame jokes (voiced by Tom Kenny), and a porcupine and pickle named Prickles and Pickles.

Anyway, as Jimmy gets caught up in the demands of his new job and trying to do what Golly wants him to do, he starts neglecting his true friends, Craig and Robin. And of course Sonny is constantly trying to kill him, though Jimmy seems completely unaware of that. Despite his painfully obvious attempts and constantly talking about his plans out loud, the only one who's aware of it is Yancy. And she doesn't seem to care much, except to find Sonny annoying. But eventually both Jimmy and Golly will learn a valuable lesson about... you know, stuff. Whatever. It's all very trite and silly and dumb, but like I said, it was still kinda fun. I guess. There was later a spin-off series called "Out of Jimmy's Head," but I didn't even watch the entire first episode before I decided I wasn't interested.

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