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Princess, on ABC Family
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Caution: potential spoilers.

Okay, there's this guy named William Humphries, who just came to stay with his old friend Louis Baxter and his wife, Sophie. William and Louis went to Princeton together, and now Louis is retired and living a fairly idle life, having sold some dot-com business and become incredibly wealthy, I guess. He and Sophie are expecting a baby in a couple weeks, at which point William is supposed to move out. William has failed at everything he's tried. He wants to write a novel, but hasn't started yet. He has $50,000 remaining from his trust funds or whatever, which he figures he can make last about three years.

Anyway, William and Louis go to a charity ball for endangered animals, which is at a castle, hosted by a mysterious princess named Ithaca. Apparently she never leaves the castle, and no one who doesn't work for her has ever been inside, so there are lots of rumors about her, and Louis believes she's crazy. Or something. But anyway, apparently there aren't enough guests at this year's annual ball, so they won't be making enough money for the charity. So Ithaca, against the judgment of her caretaker, Nana, auctions off a dance and a date with herself. William ends up bidding his entire savings, and wins. Louis tells him some cheesy line to say to her, and then during their dance, he starts saying the line, but she cuts him off before he's finished, having misinterpreted it to mean he was someone she'd been waiting for.

She believes he's the "Searcher," who will find someone she's looking for, and it is vitally important that this person be found within the next week. William has no idea what she's talking about, of course, but he plays along, without revealing the truth. He has a few more dates with her, and gets her to leave the castle. But while he's falling in love with her, Louis thinks William being seen with her and getting in the papers will help him become successful at... something. Help jump start some kind of career, or whatever. Anyway, Nana is suspicious of William, but Ithaca has faith in him.

Well, eventually William learns the truth, that she is actually a magical Healer, who helps all sorts of mythical creatures who come to her. Which kind of freaks him out. And then he tells her he's not really the Searcher, but he's falling in love with her. Which, naturally, she doesn't take well. See, the whole "Healer" thing is a mantle that's passed down, and if the next Healer doesn't get to the castle to become the new Princess at the appointed time (when Ithaca will lose all her powers), then the chain will be broken. Not only will the mythical creatures have no one to help them, they'll also become uncontrollable, and may cause lots of trouble. I guess.

Well, anyway, eventually William decides maybe he is the Searcher, after all, and tries to help find the girl who will replace Ithaca. And I don't really want to say anything else, but of course the movie does have a happy ending. So... well, it was a reasonably fun movie I guess. All the effects and the creatures or whatever, well it all looked pretty good to me. The plot was sort of unoriginal, for the most part, but... it had a bit of originality mixed in, I think. Of course, even while I was watching it, it made me think of Enchanted, though I hadn't seen that yet, when I watched this. But "Princess" was decent, anyway. And um, I guess I can't think what else to say....

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