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Odd Girl Out, on Lifetime
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Well, this is similar in theme to Mean Girls, and I guess they're both based on similar nonfiction books. Of course, this isn't as good, nor as entertaining, as "Mean Girls," but I think it's still worth watching. Though I certainly feel no need to see it again. Anyway, the plot is sorta different, but it's still about girls being mean to each other. There's this little clique of popular girls, and the protagonist is Vanessa Snyder (Alexa Vega). Her best friend is Stacey, and a couple other girls in the group are Nikki and Tiffany. There may be various reasons the girls eventually turn against Nessa, but the main one seems to be about this boy named Tony, whom Stacey liked. Tony, however, seemed to like Nessa, so basically, Tracey asked her to put in a good word for her with Tony. Which she did. And he said he wasn't interested in Tracey, and asked Nessa out, instead. And she declined.

Well, I don't think any of Nessa's friends believed her. They started spreading all kinds of lies about her, even got Tony mad at her I guess, and she was pretty much out of the group. Though Stacey still acted like she was Nessa's friend, but that mainly was to keep setting her up for more humiliations. And they started a "hating Vanessa" website, and sent nasty IMs to her, and stuff. They all pretty well shattered her self-image and made her completely miserable. There was, however, one girl, Emily, who became Nessa's friend. And Nessa's mom kept trying to help, when she learned what was going on, but Nessa didn't want her help. And Stacey... I dunno, throughout the film I felt like Nikki was the really evil girl, whereas I thought it seemed that Stacey actually did want to be Nessa's friend, and hated being a part of all this... but, she never really quit joining in on all the mean things the girls were doing.

Well, things got really bad at one point, and I don't want to say what happened, but I pretty well predicted it. And then, after that... things started getting better. I dunno about the end, I felt like there was more that could have happened with the story, but, whatever. I guess it was okay. I feel as if I didn't feel particularly moved by or interested in the movie, but at least I cared enough to be pissed at how atrociously the girls were behaving.

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