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Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?, on Lifetime
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This is a 2016 supernatural remake of the 1996 non-supernatural movie of the same name. Although I'd say it's a remake in name only. It's hard for me to say how much resemblance it bears to the original, because of how incredibly different it is. I'm sure the resemblances must be there, though.

Anyway, there are a couple of young women who are apparently in love, but one confesses to the other that she is a "nightwalker," or basically a vampire. The nightwalker turns the other woman, Pearl, into a nightwalker against her will, but Pearl apparently kills her. (I'm not sure how, because later in the movie, nightwalkers seem practically impossible to kill.) But anyway, five years pass, and there's a college student named Leah who is now in love with Pearl. And she has a conservative mother named Julie (Tori Spelling), to whom she introduces Pearl, as a way of coming out to Julie as a lesbian. Meanwhile, there are three other nightwalkers who were part of a pack with the one Pearl killed five years earlier, who now want Pearl to turn Leah into one of them. (The one time I actually liked them was when they fed on some guy who was about to rape a drunk girl at a party.) But much to their annoyance, Pearl is taking her time, because she doesn't want to force vampirism on Leah, the way it was forced on her. There's also a guy named Bob who is interested in Leah, and becomes upset when he finds out she's dating a woman. And... there are all sorts of bits of plot interspersed with all this, including a literature class, and a student production of "Hamlet" in which Leah wins the role of the title character, and eventually there's a country club Halloween party thrown by Julie. And... all sorts of stuff happens, but I'm not really sure what else to tell you. Oh yeah, the Hamlet director is played by James Franco, though there's a woman who's always sitting beside him not saying anything. I'm not sure if she's a co-director or what.

Anyway, it's all kind of redonkulous, but fun. In the opening scene, I thought it was going to be something I'd just have to get into the mindset to enjoy ironically because of how bad it was, but most of the movie was okay enough for me to enjoy un-ironically.

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