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Hello Sister, Goodbye Life!, on ABC Family
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21-year-old college student Olivia (Lacey Chabert) becomes the guardian of her 7-year-old half sister Celia, when Celia's parents (Olivia's dad and his second wife) die in an accident. At first she doesn't want this responsibility, and it's clear Celia isn't happy about it either. Besides, Olivia's boyfriend Joe (a teaching assistant at her college) is planning to go to Italy to study. And he wants her to go with him. The only other people who could look after Celia are her grandparents, who live in Argentina. Olivia gets some help from her mom, and also from her dad's lawyer, who's like an uncle to Celia. Of course, Olivia barely knows Celia, and didn't have a great relationship with her father. But eventually Olivia and Celia get to like each other more. Not much else to say. It's all fairly predictable, but reasonably entertaining, I guess. Celia's a cute and clever kid. Olivia's hot, and appealingly sarcastic, I guess. The writing and acting are decent. Not a bad way to spend a couple hours.

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