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The Hollow, on ABC Family
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This first aired in 2004. It starred Kaley Cuoco, who at the time I basically only knew from "8 Simple Rules," a show which didn't really interest me. But in later years, I'd come to know and like her on The Big Bang Theory. But whatever, that's not important. Anyway, what I remember best from the first time I watched it was that at the time, I was drinking some "Nosferatu" beer, which I quite liked. The second time I watched it was on Halloween 2014, having gotten it on DVD the previous Christmas. And this time, I had Shock Top beer, which isn't quite as intense as Nosferatu, but it's still good, and perhaps more aptly named, when watching a movie about the Headless Horseman.

In any event, Cuoco played a high school cheerleader named Karen. She had a football player boyfriend named Brody, but she didn't really like him much. And there was this guy named Ian Cranston, who had recently moved to town with his parents. The town, by the way, was Sleepy Hollow, as made famous by a certain story by Washington Irving. Anyway, Karen took a liking to Ian, who had recited the story for a small crowd. Later, a drama teacher asks Ian to fill in for someone who was supposed to be sort of narrating a "ghostly hay ride" on Halloween night. (In fact, audiences know why the guy who was supposed to do it had disappeared, along with his girlfriend. It's because they'd been killed. But the people in the movie don't find out about that.) Meanwhile, Brody is upset about Karen and Ian getting closer. Oh, and Brody plays the Headless Horseman as part of the hay ride. But also, there's a seemingly crazy old cemetery caretaker named Claus Van Ripper (Stacy Keach), who keeps calling Ian "Teacher" and claiming Ian is a descendant of Ichabod Crane, and that the Horseman is coming back to take his head. And Claus also tries to get various people to cancel the hay ride. Of course, no one listens. And of course, they really should have. Because the real Headless Horseman does show up and kill people.

Um... oh yeah, also, Ian's dad (Judge Reinhold) is the coach of the high school football team, and tries to force Ian to join the team. But Ian refuses, because he's on the fencing team. Which actually seems fortuitous, because he'd eventually have to engage in some swordfighting against the Horseman. But anyway, um... I'm not sure what else to say. The movie's a bit campy, which is part of the fun. And the DVD is rated R, so I guess it has some more violence and sexuality than the TV movie did, but I don't remember it well enough to compare. I do think "R" is a bit excessive, though. But whatever. It's not a really good movie, but it's fun, if you don't take it seriously. (And I mean, why would you?)

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