I don't remember this movie well enough to rate it.

Everything You Want, on ABC Family
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Okay, so there's this woman named Abby (Shiri Appleby). As a little girl, her parents used to travel all over the place and leave her with her aunt or whatever. She got lonely, and two things came of this: she started drawing, which would eventually lead to her becoming an artist; and she created an imaginary friend named Sy (short for Simon), who would eventually become an imaginary boyfriend. Seriously, she sees and hears him, it's not like she's just pretending she has a boyfriend. I dunno 'bout most folks, but I never actually saw or heard any imaginary friends. Still, aside from this one quirk, she seems a pretty well-adjusted person.

Then she meets a guy in an art class, named Quinn. She doesn't like him. But he turns out to be the cousin of her roommate, friend, and coworker Jessica. They both work at a book store, but Jess has some bad work habits, and gets fired. The manager, Ryan, used to date her, and this figures into a trick Quinn and his crazy friend and roommate Calvin perpetrate to get Jessica rehired. This as part of a deal to get Abby to tutor Quinn in art. As they get to know each other better, they start liking each other... but she doesn't want to leave Sy, who Quinn doesn't know is imaginary. He eventually finds out the truth from Abby's parents (who btw seem fairly crazy, themselves). The news about Sy upsets Quinn, naturally... so will he and Abby finally get together, or what? I won't say. I'll just say this movie was actually pretty fun, and funny, and quirky, and weird, and romantic, and stuff.

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