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Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis, on CBS
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This TV movie is a follow-up to the old series The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (a show I want to see someday). I can't tell you much about the series except that Bob Denver played Dobie's best friend, Maynard G. Krebs. Anyway, Dobie Gillis (a teenager in the series) is now middle aged, and running his father's little store, and married, with a son named Georgie, who apparently is meant to be a lot like Dobie was at his age. The basic idea is that there was one girl, Thalia Menninger, who Dobie was gaga over as a teenager, and some other girl named Zelda Gilroy, who was interested in him, but he wasn't interested in her... but now he's married to Zelda (who is, of course, Georgie's mom). And now Georgie is in a similar situation, being interested in one girl while another girl likes him. Personally, I liked the girl who liked him better than the girl he liked.

But anyway, Thalia (now played by Connie Stevens, though she was played by Tuesday Weld in the series) shows up and wants to marry Dobie, in spite of the fact that he's already married. And Maynard is working for her now, apparently because she rescued him and his friends from some island (an obvious reference to Gilligan's Island). But Dobie rejects her, and now she wants him dead, so she offers a bunch of money to whoever kills him.

Meanwhile, there's some whole Romeo & Juliet-inspired fake death thing, while the local high school is doing a "new, improved musical version of Romeo & Juliet with a happy ending." It was weird. Seriously. But funny. And I'd really love to see the movie again, so I could write a slightly better review.

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