TV movies

Okay. This is the main page for normal sorts of TV movies. This section also includes subsections for animated, genre (sci-fi/fantasy), holidays, and Halloween/supernatural TV movies. The ones on this page are basically non-genre, though there may also be a few "iffy" things that might very well be considered at least slightly fantasy... but whatevs. I dunno. I suspect that over the years I have seen any number of TV movies that I've since completely forgotten (mostly "movie of the week" type stuff from the 80s and early 90s), which I feel bad about. And of course, there are some TV movies which served as pilots for regular series, which I generally won't list here, with rare exceptions. Though TV movies based on existing series I may include here (or else in the special presentations section).

See also miniseries and Masterpiece/Mystery! and Disney Channel Original Movies and The Wonderful World of Disney
And also TV movies I want to see