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Angry Angel, on Freeform
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This first aired in 2017. I wanted to see it, but I couldn't, because I don't get Freeform. However, I did get a chance to see it in 2018, on Hulu. Brenda Song plays an angel named Allison Pyke, who narrates the movie in frequent asides. We learn that she used to be a woman named Megan, who had been best friends all her life with a guy named Patrick, whom she eventually married. But in 2008, Megan died of cancer. In the afterlife, she meets Jason Biggs, who is playing himself. Because when you die, if the life you lived wasn't quite good enough to get into Heaven automatically, you are assigned a new body and identity, and sent back to Earth as an angel to do good deeds until you've earned enough points to get into Heaven. And according to Jason, most celebrities are actually angels. That is to say, most angels become celebrities, to help them gain the access they need to places most people wouldn't be able to go, in order to perform the miracles that earn them points. So, just as he had been assigned the identity that became Jason Biggs, Megan was given a new body (played by Song) with the identity of Allison Pyke. However, she never became a celebrity (so Song isn't playing a meta version of herself, the way Biggs is). Instead, she became a waitress. (Much like in Dead Like Me, angels still need to work to support themselves while on Earth.)

She actually gained most of the points she needed soon after becoming an angel, with one giant miracle (saving a plane full of people). But after that, everything she tried to do earned her very few points, and she also frequently lost a few points. So the story picks up nine years later, in 2017. She works with a woman named Connie, and a guy named Barker. For the past year, Pyke and Barker have been having casual sex, but Pyke has avoided an actual relationship with him, because she still plans on leaving the mortal world as soon as she can get enough points. She also has a friend named Leonard, a fellow angel who had previously been in Heaven, until he was kicked out for breaking the rules. So now he's trying to earn his way back.

One day, Pyke earns all the points she needs, but the bus she needs to catch to get to Heaven won't be available until the day after Christmas, because the bus schedule has changed for the holidays. She plans on staying home an doing nothing, so as not to risk losing any of her points. However, she unexpectedly sees Patrick at the bus station, having come to New York on a trip with his girlfriend, Jill. Angels aren't supposed to contact anyone from their past lives, which could result in losing all their points. But Pyke/Megan can't stop herself from talking to Patrick. She claims to be, like, a tour guide, or something, to escort Patrick and Jill around the city and show them all the things she knew Patrick would want to see. Meanwhile, she barely acknowledges Jill, being jealous of the new woman in her husband's life. Eventually, she takes them to a Christmas Eve party Barker is hosting... and ends up losing a ton of points. She does eventually regain them, and finally gets into Heaven, at the same time as Leonard. (I don't really understand why they had their angel bodies there instead of their human bodies, but whatevs.) However... the story doesn't end there. But I don't want to spoil how it does end.

Anyway, I thought it was a fairly amusing movie, and I found Pyke to be the sort of character who is likable even when being a jerk. And... I dunno what else to say. It's not actually a very Christmas-y movie, despite the time of year when it's set. More like a supernatural rom-com. But... I liked it.

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