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Holiday TV movies I want to see


Turkey Drop, on Freeform
Freeform; Hulu; IMDb; Muse Entertainment; Other Holiday Specials Wiki; TV Tango

I basically want to see this because Olivia Holt is in it. But I don't get Freeform, so I'm not sure when I might get the chance.


Christmas Every Day, on The Family Channel
Christmas Specials Wiki; Freeform; IMDb; Made for TV Movie Wiki; TV Tango; Wikipedia

This first aired in 1996. I don't remember being aware of it at the time, but it's something I might like to check out someday.

Happy Christmas, Miss King (aka "An Avonlea Christmas"), on CBC
IMDb; official website; TVarchive.ca; TV.com; Wikia; Wikipedia

This came out in 1998, a couple of years after the end of Road to Avonlea. I don't remember if I saw it or not, but I tend to doubt it. But I was a fan of the series, so I'd like to see the movie.

Holiday Joy, on Freeform
Amazon; Christmas Specials Wiki; Freeform; IMDb; Myriad Pictures; TV Tango

This aired in 2016, but I didn't get Freeform, so I couldn't watch.

It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, on NBC
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This aired in 2002, but I have no recollection of even being aware of its existence.

Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, on Nickelodeon
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This is based on the 2004-07 Nickelodeon series "Drake & Josh," of which I watched very little, and never much cared for. The movie aired in 2008, and I'm sure I at least saw bits and pieces of it, though I really couldn't say whether it was that year or sometime later that I saw it. (I also couldn't say for sure that I didn't see the whole movie, though I doubt I did.) Anyway, it's really not of any particular interest to me, but for some reason I do have a vague thought that I might like to see it again someday.

Mr. St. Nick, on ABC
Christmas Specials Wiki; IMDb; Sonar Entertainment; TV Tango; Wikipedia

This aired on The Wonderful World of Disney in 2002. I'm sure I saw it, but I'm not sure if I saw it when it first aired, or sometime later. (I feel like I might have seen it on some cable channel instead of ABC, but I could be mistaken.) Anyway, I don't remember much of anything about it now, but I suppose it'd be nice to see it again someday, just so I could write a review.

Stealing Christmas, on USA Network
Amazon; Christmas Specials Wiki; IMDb; TV.com; TV Tango; Universal; Wikipedia

This is something I decided I might want to see when I was looking through a list of Christmas TV movies on Wikipedia. I don't even remember whether I was aware of it when it first aired.

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