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Halloween/horror/supernatural TV movies I want to see

The Bad Seed, on Lifetime
IMDb; Lifetime; TV.com; TV Tango; Wikipedia

This is a 2018 remake of a 1956 film, which I'd like to see before seeing the remake. (The original film was remade for TV once before, in 1985, but I'm not sure whether I have any interest in seeing that version.)

Dead 7, on Syfy
IMDb; Syfy (blog); TV.com; TV Tango; Wikipedia

This first aired on April Fool's Day, 2016. I saw a trailer for it online, and it looked like it could be fun, in a B-movie way. Alas, I did not have access to the channel, so I couldn't see it. But maybe I will, someday.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, on ABC
Dread Central; IMDb; Kindertrauma; WB Shop; Wikipedia

This aired in 1973 (two years before I was born). I've seen the 2011 theatrical remake, but I suppose I should try to see the original, at some point.

Don't Go to Sleep, on ABC
IMDb; Kindertrauma; Made for TV Movie Wiki; TV Tango; Wikipedia

I guess I learned of its existence from Kindertrauma. I don't expect I'll ever have a chance to see this, and it's not that important to me, but if I ever do get the chance, I wouldn't mind checking it out.

My Super Psycho Sweet 16, on MTV
Dread Central; IMDb; iTunes; MTV; TV.com; TV Tropes; Wikipedia

I don't recall if I was aware of this when it first aired in 2009, but if I was, I probably thought it wouldn't be of interest to me. But sometime thereafter, I read good things about it, and decided I might like to check it out, after all. There were two sequels, in 2010 and 2012, which I might also check out, if I end up watching and enjoying the first one.

Roxy Hunter and the Horrific Halloween, on The N
Dolphin Entertainment; IMDb; Wikipedia

This is the fourth (and final) movie in the Roxy Hunter series, following The Myth of the Mermaid. I may have been aware of it when it first aired in 2008, or I might not have heard of it until a few years later. It was the only movie in the series to air on the N (later known as TeenNick) instead of Nickelodeon, and I don't even remember if I had access the N in 2008 (I doubt it). Anyway, I'd like to see the movie someday, but I have no idea if or when it will become available on DVD.

Snow White: A Tale of Terror, on Showtime
Amazon; IMDb; TV.com; TV Tropes; Universal; Wikipedia

This is something I was probably aware of, when it aired in 1997, but I didn't get Showtime. And assuming I did know about it, I probably later forgot about it (especially after the 2001 "Snow White" TV movie on Wonderful World of Disney, which I also didn't get to see, even though I surely had access to ABC when it aired). I also don't remember how much interest I ever had in this, but it's hard for me to imagine I was disinterested. Anyway, I'm aware of it now, and I want to see it someday.

The Stone Tape, on BBC Two
Amazon; BFI Screenonline; IMDb; TV.com; TV Tropes; Wikipedia

This aired on Christmas in 1972. That's pretty much all I can tell you.

Trilogy of Terror, on ABC
Amazon; IMDb; Made for TV Movie Wiki; official website; TV Tropes; Wikipedia

This aired in 1975, several months before I was born. I reckon I'd like to check it out someday. And if I find that I like it, there's also a sequel, from 1996.

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