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The Unusuals, on ABC
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Well, I wanted to check this out mainly because of some of the stars. There's Amber Tamblyn, who plays Detective Casey Shraeger, a vice cop in the NYPD who gets transferred to 2nd precinct Homicide division. She gets partnered with Jason Walsh (Jeremy Renner, though by the time I knew him from anything else, I didn't remember him from this). His previous partner, Burt Kowalski, was just murdered. Together, Shraeger and Waslh investigate the case.

Meanwhile, we get to know some of the other detectives in the 2nd, including Eric Delahoy (Adam Goldberg). He's apparently got a tumor, and his doctor gives him six months to live, but he doesn't want treatment, and he doesn't want anyone to know about his condition. Meanwhile, his partner, Leo Banks (Harold Perrineau), always wears a bullet proof vest, as well as taking other precautions to avoid death, since many people in his family died at the age he is now (42). Another detective we meet is Eddie Alvarez, who refers to himself in the third person, works alone, seems obsessed with advancing his career, and who no one seems to like. Then there's the very religious Henry Cole, who is trying to hide his criminal past. And there's his partner, Alison Beaumont, who it turns out is in a relationship with Walsh.

Shraeger was transferred into Homicide by Sergeant Harvey Brown, who wants her to help him rid his department of corruption... which seems to have included Kowalski, and possibly Walsh. So she'll have to keep that secret from her new partner. But she's got other secrets, like the fact that she comes from a wealthy family (which is why Brown figures she can't be corrupted), though she doesn't fit in with them. Anyway, the different teams of detectives in the precinct investigate cases which are often kind of unusual.

And that's all I can say, except that it's a fairly interesting show with quirky humor and some decent characters. But it didn't last long. Which is kind of a shame, but... not something I'm going to miss terribly.

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