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Nash Bridges, on CBS
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Don Johnson (of Miami Vice fame) played Nash Bridges, an inspector with the San Francisco Police Department. His partner was Joe Dominguez (Cheech Marin). Nash has been divorced twice, I guess, though I only recall ever seeing one of his ex-wives, Lisa (Annette O'Toole). And they had a grown daughter named Cassidy. And Nash's father, Nick, lived with him. He suffered from dementia, so he was a bit odd, but amusing (which could just as easily be explained by the fact that he was played by James Gammon). And Joe had a Swedish wife named Inger. They had a grown son named J.J. and a baby daughter named Lucia. And there were a couple other inspectors who worked with Nash and Joe: Harvey Leek and Evan Cortez. I'm sure there were other recurring characters, but those are the only ones I remember at all.

Anyway... while I don't remember any specific stories, it was kind of a quirky show, and amusing, as well as being a pretty cool police/action show, and I'd say a fitting spiritual successor to Miami Vice, in a way. I'd definitely like to see the series again someday, to refresh my memory. I'm pretty sure I'd rate the show a bit higher, if I remembered it better.

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