tek's rating: ¼

The Troop, on Nickelodeon (s1-s2e7) / Nicktoons (s2e8-e14)
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Okay, so monsters are real, and there are apparently thousands of groups called "Troops" around the world, that fight them, capture them if possible, and lock them away where they can't do any harm. And these Troops are made up of teenagers, whose brains are still able to believe in monsters, unlike most adults. Though clearly, it's not like there are no adults involved. This show follows the missions of a Troop whose members go to Lakewood High. Their adult advisor is Mr. Stockley. When the series begins, there are two agents in the local Troop: Hayley Steele (Gage Golightly), a popular girl with lots of varied extracurricular activities; and a tech guy named Felix Garcia, who's kind of an awkward outsider, but at least the people in the Troop are his friends. Apparently there was a third member of the group, who recently moved. In the first episode, the troop recruits Jake Collins as a replacement. He likes to draw comic books, but it turns out he has a high aptitude for monster hunting, or whatever. Though it will take awhile before he gets the hang of it, he's over-eager, which will get him into trouble. Also, so far it seems like monsters end up getting destroyed more often than captured....

And that's all I can say for now. It all seems pretty unoriginal, but it has its humorous moments, and it could be reasonably fun. I didn't manage to see all of it, but I might like to see more of it someday.

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