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So Weird, on Disney Channel
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For the first couple seasons, the main character was Fiona "Fi" Phillips (Cara DeLizia), a teenaged girl who investigated the paranormal, which she frequently encountered as she and her brother Jack travelled on the tour bus with their mother, Molly (Mackenzie Phillips), a singer. Their dad died when Fi was too young to really remember him. (She eventually learns something shocking about him, and what led to his death, but I won't spoil it.) Meanwhile, no one much believes in any of the stuff Fi talks about or puts on her website. Oh, I should mention some other characters. There are also Molly's manager, Irene, and Irene's husband Ned (Dave Ward, no relation), who drives the bus and is in charge of the roadies. They have a couple of kids, Clu and Carey, or maybe one of them is a cousin or something, I forget.

Anyway... In the third season, Fi decides to stay with her aunt, and is replaced by Annie Thelan (Alexz Johnson), the daughter of old friends of Molly. She starts investigating all this weird stuff, but she was never as interesting as Fi, except for this mystical spirit animal panther of hers who showed up now and then. Anyway... I wish I could tell you more about the series. It could actually be kind of cheesy, but generally I found it pretty interesting. And it got better as it progressed through the first two seasons. I really wish Fi would've remained on the show. I barely even remember Annie, and I don't know if I actually saw the whole third season. But I would like to rewatch the whole series someday.

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