Shuriken School, on France 3 (France) / Jetix (Europe) / Nickelodeon (USA)
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This was airing on Nickelodeon, but I'm afraid it didn't last long. And even when it was still on, I only managed to catch a few eps, but... well, it was okay. I wouldn't mind seeing some more of it. Anyway, it's about a group of kids who study to be ninjas at a place called Shuriken School. There are a few teachers there; one is Kita Shunai, who was formerly a teacher at a rival ninja school called Katana. And there's a rather boring teacher named Kubo Utamaro, who's better at theoretical ninja skills than actual practical application. And there's a Russian teacher named Vlad Keitawa. The main character seems to be a Shuriken student named Eizan Kaburagi. He's in a group with two other students, a boy named Jimmy B. and a girl named Okuni Dohan, who's probably the most sensible of all of them. Some of the others include a Tibetan monk named Choki, who often floats around, and a French guy named Jacques, who wears a diving suit and talks like Jacques Cousteau, and there's a blonde girl named Ami Saeki, and plenty of other students with whom I'm not that familiar, though one of them is a pig. The top student at Katana is named Naginata, and he and his partners are rivals of Eizan and his partners, I guess. And I dunno what else to say, but it's all a fairly cute and enjoyable show, if simple....

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