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Street Cents, on CBC (Canada)
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A Canadian show for teenage consumers or whatever, though I think anyone could probably get some useful advice out of it. At the time I started watching, which must have been in 1989, the hosts were Benita, Jonathan, and Jamie. Also originally there was this whole fictional plot to go along with the reviews of various consumer products and whatnot, wherein there was this sort of evil corporation called BuyCo, and the head of the company had this bumbling lackey named Ken Pompadour who um... Well he was supposed to... I don't know what, exactly. Make product placements on the show, or something. Buyco made a bunch of junk that sucked. Whatever. Eventually I think the head of the company went to jail or died or something, and Ken took over. He wasn't as evil, really. Meanwhile, as the years wore on, one by one the original hosts would disappear. And whenever one left, some new host would replace them. Jonathan was the last original host to leave. (He got his own sort of ridiculous talk show I never really watched, called Jonovision [IMDb; Wikipedia].) Some of the replacement hosts who started when any of the originals were still there, were okay. But it's been years since I've been interested in watching any of this, or in the hosts. The fictional aspects, including Ken, seem to be gone I think. Oh, also they used to have mascots, like um, pigs or hedgehogs or whatever. Whenever one mascot left, it'd be replaced. They were each named after a different coin. But it doesn't seem like there've been any of them for awhile, that I know of. Anyway, the show was fun for the few years that I watched it with any regularity.

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