Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, on Nickelodeon & Nick Jr.
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It's easy to just call this show "Dora the Explorer with a Chinese kid." And that's probably accurate. Honstly, I've never watched much "Dora," and never found it that interesting, though it's okay, I guess. If you're a preschooler, or an adult who's in the mood to ironically act like a preschooler. Which I'm usually not. I dunno, maybe this show just appeals to me more because Kai-Lan is Chinese instead of Hispanic. Not that I have anything against Spanish as a language or the people or anything... but I've always had a special interest in Asian culture, perhaps largely because of anime. Which of course is Japanese, but whatever. China's got cool culture, too. Still, I only watched a little bit of this series. There's only so much one can take of something so mind-numbingly young-skewing, no matter how cute it might be. (Also, the really sad part is I knew that even if the show is "beneath me intellectually", I was never gonna retain much of the Chinese language it attempts to teach, as much as I might want to. My bad.)

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