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The Electric Company, on PBS
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Hey! You! Guys! Um... I barely remember this at all. But anyway, at some point early in my life, I think TV was basically three things: Mr. Rogers, The Electric Company, and Sesame Street. And this was probably my favorite, at the time (though in retrospect, Sesame Street is much more memorable and important to me). Hmmm, but this show was just kinda crazy. Plus it had Spider-Man in it. I dunno what else to say, except that it has great nostalgic value for me. I'd probably like to watch some old episodes sometime... though I'm not sure I'm interested in ever getting the DVDs.... I should also mention there's a more modern remake of the series, which I watched the first episode of and didn't care for at all, because it was like totally different from the original series....

There were probably lots of sketches and animations on the show that if I remembered them now, I'd assume I'd seen them on Sesame Street. But if I do happen to remember or discover anything from the show, I'll put it on my nostalgia clips page.

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