I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, in syndication
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This show was actually designed to interact with toys kids could buy, of like fighter ships or whatever, which were on the show... Very interesting concept. I mean, lots of shows are made basically to sell toys or games, but how many of them interact with those toys? Unfortunately, I never had any of the toys.

Anyway, I should say that this show was really more mature than your average Saturday morning kids' show. I don't remember it well (in fact, I don't even remember if I saw it on Saturday or Sunday mornings, or what). But I'm sure I thought it was pretty good. It was set in a sort of dystopian society run by a sort of cyborg called Lord Dread. He had various minions working for him, including the Bio-Dread Youth (inspired by the Hitler Youth of WWII, I suspect), and there were also robots, ground units called Blastarrs and sky units called Soarons. Those two groups didn't seem to like each other, there was fighting between them, but mainly of course they fought the good guys, the title characters, a resistance group who had these sort of uniforms that could be powered up and turn into cool armor with various weapons and functions and whatnot, I guess. I'd like to see the show again sometime, for sure. And in 2011, the series came out on DVD, so hopefully I'll get that, eventually. And then write a better review.

Oh btw, back in the day I got some sheets of stickers (or more like stamps) out of cereal boxes. Here's a scan of one sheet: Captain Power stamps.

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