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So, when I was a kid, there were various shows I used to watch that had sketches (which could be animated, live-action, or involve puppets, or some combination thereof). Some of them were musical, some of them were just comical, some of them may have been educational, many of them were trippy or weird. Some were one-shots, some involved recurring characters. Many of them probably originated before my time, but were recycled in episodes that aired when I was a kid (late 1970s to around the mid 80s). The vast majority of them I wouldn't even remember now, but there are some that do still come to mind, every now and then. Many such clips can be found on YouTube, so, for the sake of nostalgia, I can look them up. (Or I can find things I had completely forgotten about.) And for the sake of convenience, I'll put my favorites on this page.

From The Electric Company
You Drive Me Up the Wall

From Reading Rainbow
Conan the Librarian

From Sesame Street
I've put together a playlist of random stuff, but I'm also including here a few playlists by other people, about specific things. (I could probably add playlists to my playlist, but that's a little too meta, even for me.)

My playlist: Alphabet (Kermit & Joey); The Alligator King; "An" Plan; Animals escape from the zoo; Baby loves cookie; Beach (Sherlock Hemlock); Bumble Ardy's birthday 9; C is for Cookie; Cans at the grocery store; Capital H; Capital I & Lowercase n; Cereal Girl; Circle (The Bridgekeeper); Cookie Monster shrinks; Cowboys & Indians; Capital N; Cowboy X; Geometry of Circles; Goldfish (Bert & Ernie); HELP; I can remember; I don't see any animals today; I wanna know Y (Sinister Sam); J for Jacket; J train; Jughead; King of 8; Ladybugs' Picnic; Me Claudius; Monolith; My Name Is Fred; Number 9 Martian Beauty; O rolling over a horse; Pinball 12; Pirates; playing jacks; Pyramid (Bert & Ernie); Red ball 123; Seasons (Prairie Dawn); Square (Bridgekeeper); Squiggles exercise; Sugar Beets; There's an alligator in my room; Triangle (Bridgekeeper); The Wonderful World of T-shirts; The Word Is No; Yo-Yo Master & Lost Kid

Other playlists: Baker; >Billy Jo Jive & Smart Susie Sunset; Martians; Typewriter

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