I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince, on CBS
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I hardly remember this Saturday morning kids' show, since I must have been about 8 years old when it first aired. Interesting that it existed, though. I mean, seriously... how can you not love that title? I definitely intend to get the DVD someday and write a proper review. But for now, I can tell you that there was an alien prince named Yubi, whose planet was taken over by rebels or whatever, so he escaped with his little hovery robot named Zax, and they went to Earth, where they met Benji (you know, the little dog who starred in a bunch of movies). And they were always on the run from a couple of evil aliens who I guess were working for the rebels. They had a hovery robot, too, a newer and scarier model than Zax. And that's all I remember.

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