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Boy Meets World, on ABC
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Not really a great show, but it was okay. (A whole generation seems to have loved it, but I just liked it.) The show is about Cory Matthews (Ben Savage). He has an older brother named Eric (Will Friedle), who's kinda dense. And they have a younger sister named Morgan. Cory's best friend is Shawn Hunter, who is kinda cool I guess. Cory's girlfriend is Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel). And there was a teacher named George Feeny, who had an interesting relationship with the kids... in a lot of ways, Cory and Shawn find him annoying, and he them, but they also seek advice from him, sometimes. Anyway, other characters came and went. The show started out when the kids were in like 6th grade, but it followed them all the way to college. So we really get to see them grow up, and things change a lot. Like Shawn and Cory kind of found Topanga weird and annoying when they were younger. She was always kind of a teacher's pet, and much more serious about school than they were. But of course they become good friends eventually, and Cory starts dating her. Um... I'm not sure what else to say, except Cory could be kind of neurotic and stuff. It was a reasonably entertaining show, but I didn't always watch it regularly, especially in the later seasons. So, I suppose I'm leaving out tons of details and other characters I should mention, and stuff....

The show ran from 1993 to 2000. A sequel series called Girl Meets World began in 2014.

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