The Journey of Allen Strange, on Nickelodeon
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This was the story of a young alien who was stranded on Earth and befriended a girl named Robbie, and her little brother Josh, and the alien took on the name Allen Strange. Robbie and Josh lived with their father, who was divorced. It wasn't a great show, but Robbie was kinda cute, and the conspiracy stuff was kinda funny. There was this inept guy named Phil Berg, who had some lame show about aliens, which he didn't seem to really know much of anything about. Despite this, he would later get mixed up in some real alien and conspiracy stuff; some sort of sinister government MIB type group would eventually play a role in the series. Plus some evil aliens who were enemies of Allen's race. And stuff. I dunno, I didn't watch it all the time. I probably remember it more fondly than I liked it at the time, but I'd like to see it again someday.

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