Kid Stuff

This section will contain several different types of shows, but what they have in common is they're all primarily targeted at kids, of various ages. Of course, I'm capable of enjoying some things that are targeted at kids, and I feel people of any age should be able to do so, as well. Sometimes. Then there are some things here that are mostly of nostalgic value to me, just stuff to mention that I watched when I was the appropriate age to do so, many years ago. Of course, some of the shows I include here might be enjoyed by adults on a whole different level than that on which the target audience is meant to enjoy them.... Anyway, I also want to say, there aren't likely to be any serious dramas here, even if some such shows are about kids or teens or whatever.

See also family films, children's books, family web films, and kids' webseries.

This heading mainly refers to shows which are meant for preschoolers through middle schoolers (so there's a pretty significant age range). For the most part, I'll avoid rating these shows, whether because it's been so long since I've seen them, or because, as is the case with some, I only watched a bit of them, having been too old for them when they first aired.

When I started this page, I thought I'd have separate headings for "tween" and "teen," but eventually I realized that for a lot of shows I just couldn't decide which to put them under. So I'm combining them, and you can, if you care in the slightest, decide for yourself which is which. Or, like me, just not bother worrying about it. The "teen" category was supposed to include shows that might just as well be watched by adults, and was more likely to include network shows like "Boy Meets World" as well as cable fare, but... I dunno. It doesn't really matter. The important thing is this heading mainly deals with high school-aged kids, with possibly some overlap at either end into middle school or college.

I guess I'll also include some animated series here, but just ones I feel are meant for particularly young kids, for the most part. You should also check out the animation and cartoon nostalgia review sections, which will include cartoons meant for many different age levels. Some of it may be primarily for kids, but since I'm such an animation fan, I tend to be more liberal in assuming such things are to be enjoyed by people of any age, in many cases. Ergo, some "kids'" cartoons won't be included here....

This is a tricky category. A lot of the shows I include under other headings on this page will of course have an educational element mixed in with the entertainment element (especially those under the "young" heading), while others will be almost purely entertainment. So I'm not sure what to say about why I include some under "educational" and not others that might fit here. It's not like the educational shows can't also be entertaining. But... eh, I'll just do whatever I feel like and hope it makes some kind of sense. It probably won't, though. Anyway, I suppose the shows I include under this heading might be targeted at various age groups, from young to teen. (See also informational shows)

You should also check out the science fiction and supernatural & paranormal sections, which mostly will be for shows targeted at adults or general audiences, though it could have some which focus on teens. The shows I have here will definitely be targeted more at tweens or teens, but that doesn't mean they couldn't be enjoyed by adults, as well, of course....