The Letter People, on PBS
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Um. Not sure how much I ever saw of this, if anything. But I do remember that in kindergarten, there were inflatable Letter People sitting on like a shelf that ran all around the room, or something. This being so long ago, I'm not sure how I felt about that. Might've liked them, might've hated them. I must've seen some of the show sometime, though it may not have been til years later, in reruns somewhere. And I have to say, it looks to me now like just about the creepiest, weirdest thing ever. Seriously, it scares me, and I find myself wondering whether I was scared by it when I was a little kid. If you've never seen any of it, you could check out some clips on YouTube.

Anyway, the Letter People were these puppets or whatever, each of whom represented a different letter, and they'd each have a word that started with that letter, like Miss A was Miss A-choo (she was always sneezing), for example. But they'd each use lots of words that started with their own letter. And sing songs about it. And kids were supposed to learn the alphabet and stuff.

That's all I can say. I include this entry out of a sense of nostalgia, or whatever. I dunno. I guess the Letter People are still around, in some more modern educational program, but I know nothing of that. Hopefully it's less weird....

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