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Flight 29 Down, on Discovery Kids
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I watched this for awhile when it was on NBC on Saturday mornings, but eventually they stopped showing it. I later got Discovery Kids, and occasionally saw a bit of the show while channel surfing, but didn't really pay attention because I didn't want to watch episodes out of order.

Anyway, it's about a group of ten high school students from Los Angeles, who were flying on a small plane to Palau for a Micronesia EcoAdventure, when the plane crashed somewhere in the South Pacific. Three kids left with the pilot to explore and look for help or whatever. So there's basically just 7 characters (all around 16 years old, except for Lex). A girl named Daley and a boy named Nathan spent some time fighting over which one would get to be leader, though personally I thought it should have been Daley's little stepbrother Lex. He seems to be the smartest person on the island, despite being just a little kid. However, an election was held, and the one who was voted leader was... Jackson, a boy no one knew very well, who tends to keep to himself. Then there's a girl named Taylor and a guy named Eric, who don't want to do anything to help out, and neither of them seems very smart. And Taylor's always complaining about everything. There's also a girl named Melissa who seems to be the one most interested in doing whatever she can to help and get along with everyone, plus she has a crush on Jackson. I guess some other characters showed up later, like ones who had left eventually returned, or whatever.

I have to say, nothing terribly interesting really happens on the show, at least while I was watching it. The kids argue about various things, but somehow they always end up working things out. And later arguing about something else. Oh, and they all record sort of video diary entries on a video camera. Anyway, the show seems to have improved a bit since the first episode, but I still never got that into it.

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