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Summerland, on The WB
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Lori Loughlin played Ava Gregory, a fashion designer who shares a beach house in California with her business partner and best friend Susannah, and a couple other friends, Johnny (Ava's ex-boyfriend) and Jay (a surfer, who owns a surf shop, and is dating a surf instructor named Erika). Ava is originally from Kansas, where her sister lived with her husband and their three kids, Bradin (Jesse McCartney), Nikki (Kay Panabaker), and Derrick. When their parents die as volunteer rescue workers in a storm, the kids go to California to live with their aunt and her friends.

Nothing about the show seemed particularly original, but it wasn't bad. And in spite of the storylines being perhaps a bit treacly at times, there was some genuine drama and humor to it. (Sometimes the drama was too melo-, but sometimes the show was just mellow.) I found it a reasonably fun show to watch, at least for the summer... That is, in the first season, which I might rate a bit higher than the second season (and the series overall). Yeah... I really wasn't that into it in the second season, and in retrospect don't even care that much about the series as a whole, but it was still okay. Though I didn't shed any tears when it was cancelled. And uh, I can't really think of anything too specific to say about the plot or anything. But there were some recurring characters I should mention. Zac Efron played a boy named Cameron, who was friends with Nikki, and I think eventually became her boyfriend. Sara Paxton played a girl named Sarah, who became Bradin's girlfriend. I don't really remember anything specific about them, and there were other characters I don't remember at all, but who must have been important.

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