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Party of Five, on FOX
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It could be a way overly melodramatic show fairly often, kind of soap opera-ish, although way better written and acted than any soap. The Salingers were these five kids, well mostly kids, who were orphaned. It fell to Charlie (Matthew Fox), the oldest, to look after the others. Then there were Julia (Neve Campbell) and Bailey (Scott Wolf), who were pretty near adults themselves at the start, and their younger sister Claudia (Lacey Chabert), who was a classical music type prodigy, I guess. The final Salinger orphan was the baby, Owen. Well, everyone grew up over the years. I suppose the younger they started out, the more noticeable it was. Um, and everyone sort of had to put plans on hold and make new choices when their parents died. But they all loved each other and things often got pretty hard, but eventually it all worked out, yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, I liked these characters. I cared about them. Oh, and there were other characters, too, people important to the Salingers... such as Sarah (Jennifer Love Hewitt)... Anyway, I dunno what to say about all this. But it was a pretty decent show if you could take the time to watch it regularly and get invested in it and stomach all the melodrama and whatever. Though in the years since it ended... I dunno. I guess I don't remember much about it in detail, nor do I have a great desire to watch it again. But maybe someday, we'll see. Oh, and I liked the theme song, "Closer to Free", by the BoDeans.

In 2020 there was a reboot series on Freeform, but I didn't see it.

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