drama & dramedy

Well, this is tricky. I'll probably end up sticking a lot of different things here, we'll see. There'll be straight-up dramas, of course, as well as dramedies, but of course pretty much any show on TV can include both drama and comedy. It's hard sometimes to perceive the balance. Is a show a drama, a dramedy, or a comedy? What's even trickier is the concept of quirky shows. There will be some things I include in that category that I'm not really sure if maybe I should just call them dramedies, and vice versa. And I could even put a show in one category at first, and later change my mind, and move it. (Or leave it where it is and never be entirely satisfied with my choice.) So... whatever, we'll see. Also, there are several shows I'll include here that could almost be considered primetime soap operas.

See also drama films, serio-comedy movies, and dramedy & drama webseries