current shows
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I am not currently watching stuff regularly if at all for reasons of executive dysfunction. I hope to return to at least minimal TV watching at some point, and eventually catch up on all the things I've missed throughout winter and spring 2020.

This is just a list of series I watch that are currently airing first-run episodes. (In very rare cases, I may include shows in reruns that I'm watching regularly.) And any shows that are in their first season will have a pale green background in the navframe at left.

Note that there are lots of shows I'd like to watch but can't, because I don't currently get the channels they're on. Some are shows I used to watch, but have been missing since 2011, when I lost access to cable. Others are things I have never gotten to see (some are things that debuted since June 2011, others are older). And some are things I've only missed since 2016, when my internet got too slow to watch stuff on sites like Hulu.