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I Dream of Jeannie, NBC
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I don't recall if I ever saw the start of the series, and I haven't seen a lot of episodes, anyway, but the basic premise is that an astronaut named Tony Nelson finds a bottle on the beach, after his capsule returns to Earth. He releases a genie from the bottle, and he becomes her master. He takes her home with him, and calls her Jeannie, and they live together, though their relationship isn't exactly clear. All I can say is that she seems to love him, and maybe he comes to love her, but he wishes she wouldn't call him "Master" all the time, at least not around other people. And also he wishes she wouldn't use her magic so much; it tends to cause him a great deal of trouble. I should mention he has a friend and fellow astronaut named Roger Healy (I think they were both captains at the start of the series, though they both become majors at some point, and when thinking of the series it's hard not to call them "Major Nelson" and "Major Healy"). I think Roger is the only person who knows that Jeannie is really a genie. There's also NASA psychiatrist named Dr. Bellows, who knows weird stuff is going on, but doesn't understand how or why. That's pretty much all I can say about the plot of the show, but I should mention that it's often compared to Bewitched. The shows certainly do share a similar premise, though "Bewitched" tends to be a bit more realistic or at least more serious, if only by comparison to a show as over-the-top silly as "Jeannie." I think I prefer Bewitched just because Samantha Stephens is more intelligent and liberated than Jeannie, but this show has more of a 60s sensibility to it, which is fun in its own way. And anyway... Jeannie's pretty hot. Oh, I should also mention that I really like the opening theme's music and animation.

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