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The Beverly Hillbillies, on CBS
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This family from the Ozarks found oil on their land and became millionaires and moved to Beverly Hills. The head of the family, Jed Clampett, seemd reasonably sensible, I guess, but everyone else in the family were basically dumb, cliched stereotypes. Jed's family included his mother-in-law, "Granny," as well as his daughter, Elly May, and nephew, Jethro Bodine. I suppose you could call this a "fish out of water" style of comedy, except I see it as pretty insulting to the fish. And while I've never seen much of it, I don't have much interest in it, because I never found it that funny. What else? There was this banker named Mr. Drysdale who was overly concerned with keeping the Clampetts' money in his bank, and his secretary, Miss Hathaway, who seemed more concerned with the Clampetts' well-being or whatever. I dunno.

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