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Gilligan's Island, on CBS
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Important as a classic pop cultural reference. Anyway, a pretty silly show, but it could be amusing. A group of disparate people were on a little 3-hour pleasure cruise, when a storm came up and stranded them on an island. Comedy ensued. I suppose I should at least mention the characters. There was the Skipper, whose boat, the Minnow, everyone had been on for the cruise. Gilligan was his dim-witted first mate. The other castaways included a movie star named Ginger and a farm girl named Mary Ann, a scientist called the Professor, a millionaire named Thurston Howell III, and his wife, who he called "Lovey." I don't know what else to tell you.

Oh yeah, there were a few TV movies made later on, which I never saw. Also Gilligan and the Skipper were in the movie "Back to the Beach," which had nothing to do with this show. And there was a cartoon called "Gilligan's Planet" (see cartoon nostalgia), which I vaguely recall watching as a kid in the early 80s, in which the castaways escaped the island in a space ship and ended up getting stranded on an alien planet.

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