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Xena: Warrior Princess, in syndication
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This was a spin-off from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and probably even better than that show. Of course, as in "Hercules," there was plenty of Greek mythology, as well as lots of anachronisms. Anyway, Xena used to be a villain, but in this series she travelled around helping random people, trying to atone for her past. She was accompanied by a rather adorkable girl she met named Gabrielle, who wanted to be a bard or whatever, but ended up learning to fight and stuff. (I think she started out as a redhead and later went blonde; I preferred her original look. But hey, my opinion ain't important.) I think at first Xena found Gabrielle kind of annoying, but over time they developed a very deep friendship. A relationship which many fans saw as something more (or at least wanted to be something more), though there was never any canonical support for such theories, at least as far as I remember ever seeing. But then, I missed a lot of the series, especially later on. There were also some recurring characters, the main one being a bumbling wannabe warrior named Joxer (played by Ted Raimi), who was pretty funny. And I'm afraid I can't think what else to say, but it'd be nice to see the show again, someday.

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