I don't remember this show well enough to rate it.

The New Adventures of Robin Hood, on TNT / syndication
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Like The Adventures of Sinbad, this was one of the shows that I thought of at the time as being sort of influenced by Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. I'm afraid I don't remember this show well, though I'm sure I saw more of it than I did of Sinbad, and must have liked it better. Though it still wasn't great. It also had some interesting characters, I guess, though I don't remember them too well. Probably what I remember most about it was that there were two different actresses who played Maid Marion, both of whom I liked. (The show had four seasons, two on TNT and two in syndication. Marion's first season actress, Anna Galvin, was replaced in seasons 2-4 by Barbara Griffin. The original Robin Hood, Matthew Porretta, was replaced in seasons 3-4. However, I don't recall whether I ever saw any of the show during those two seasons.)

Anyway, I do wish I remembered the show well enough to say something specific about it. It might be nice to see it again someday, but I doubt I ever will. And I guess that's okay.

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