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Jack of All Trades, in syndication
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I originally had my review under "period," but later moved it to "action/adventure." Now I'm moving it to "campy." Because, damn.

This show was paired with a show called "Cleopatra 2525," which I think I only bothered trying to watch once. But "Jack of All Trades," I liked. In the first place, it starred Bruce Campbell, who is one of the all-time coolest actors of all time. And that isn't even halfway close to being redundant, baby. Anyway, he played this American spy who was sent to this little island called Palau Palau, which the French were colonizing, and they were the bad guys. (I think this was set in 1801.) Jack was teamed with a beautiful British secret agent named Emilia, whose cover was that of a shipping magnate, I guess. Jack posed as her servant or whatever. Also Jack had a secret identity as a masked hero called the Daring Dragoon, whom the locals loved and the French governor hated. And anyway, Jack and Emilia would always work to foil the plots of the bumbling bad guys. And it was all pretty amusing and stuff. What else to say? Jack and Em were pretty different, she was like classier and smarter and more professional and stuff. Jack... well, hell, he was Bruce Campbell, what can I tell you? Very cool, very funny, very laid-back and maverick and fun-loving and smart-assed and whatnot. So, they didn't always get on that well, but they did work well together. Oh, and Verne Troyer (best known as Mini-Me) played Napoleon in a few episodes. Anyway, not a historically accurate show or anything. It was all quite ridiculous, which of course it was meant to be. It was fun. Oh, and the theme song was fun, too.

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