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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show, in syndication
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This show was better than the movies, in my opinion. It was ridiculous, yes, beyond a shadow of a doubt. But it was a very clever and amusing brand of ridiculousness. Usually. Anyway, the movies were comedies, but in a way they were more serious than the TV show. But on the other hand, the TV show had more continuity, more of an over-arching story... most episodes were stand-alone, but there were recurring ideas or characters, including the existence of some shadowy secret society, which I don't think was ever fully explained, but it was certainly interesting.

Anyway, there's this inventor, Wayne Szalinski, who made a shrink ray as well as a time hopper and countless other brilliant devices (and countless devices which didn't work right). So he and his family have lots of silly and funny and strange and cool adventures. His wife, Diane, was a lawyer (and much more important to the plot of the series than she was in the movies, where she was basically just a wife and mother). And they had two kids, Amy and Nick. And a dog named Quark. (In the show, the kids were a bit younger than in the first movie, and the toddler from the second movie didn't exist; though Amy at least was still a teenager. But I'm pretty sure that otherwise the movie was set at least after the first, and possibly after the second. Though you might as well just consider the series a separate continuity from the movie franchise.)

And um... occasionally there were aliens, and there were men in black once or twice, and there was all kinds of magic and stuff sometimes, and even the science generally seems like magic. And all kinds of silly and ridiculous and impossible and hilarious stuff happened. I dunno what else to say, it was just really cool and funny and ridiculous. And I'd really like to see it again someday.

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