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I'm not sure how long this series ran, but apparently it started in 1984, and must have run til around 1990. The only installment I really remember is Gryphon (which IMDb says is from 1990). A substitute teacher, played by Amanda Plummer, had quite an effect- almost magical- on some inner-city kids. Dunno what else to say about that installment, nor the series in general. Wish I could remember more episodes, and I wish I could see them again....

Well, Wikipedia informs me that the CBC miniseries Anne of Green Gables aired on this series. I don't remember if I saw it here or just on CBC. Also the BBC miniseries The Chronicles of Narnia, which if I saw anywhere, probably would have been here. And a 1985 version of "The Canterville Ghost," which I probably saw, although I only clearly remember a later version that aired elsewhere. Anyway, I doubt I saw every episode of the series, but I'm sure I saw plenty that I don't remember, now. So I reiterate, I'd love to see the series again someday.

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